Wifi Coming To A Train Near You

Wifi Coming To A Train Near You

Train operator South eastern, are installing wifi to their fleet of trains.

It’s part of a £50 million Department of Transport drive to the introduce WiFi on services run by Southeastern and a few other train operating companies.  It is expected that wifi will be installed on South eastern’s fleet by this summer.

Browsing social media, sending emails without large attachments and accessing basic travel and timetable information will all be possible.

With a 50MB daily usage allowance per passenger, it is not however designed for streaming films or TV programmes with Southeastern advising this is done at home.

Video: How it’s done

Engineering director, Mark Johnson, said: “We’re thrilled to provide this free wi-fi for our passengers.

“We know that this is what they’ve been asking for, so our engineers have worked day and night to install the system.”

Dedicated installation teams at Southeastern’s depots at Ashford, Ramsgate and Slade Green have been working around the clock to fit every train in the fleet.  It’s expected that the project will be complete by June and will cover all trains – Metro, Mainline and High Speed.

The company has created a map, showing the signal strength along their route.  Find out more on their website.