When Léa Henry visited the studio.

When Léa Henry visited the studio.

My thanks to Léa Henry for coming on my show the other day. Léa is the co-founder of CocoRio creative child care. Léa is local to Greenwich and her business is run from the borough.

Léa has been nominated as a finalist in 2 categories for the Club Hub Awards 2022, and the business itself has also been nominated in one category.

CocoRio aims to provide a smarter child care service offering quality child care and children activities. But what’s unique about them is that their creative sitters also provide creative sessions, completely tailored to the families’ requirements in terms of art form, language of instruction, age group, and of course the child’s unique personality. They will even look after your children at weddings so you can concentrate on the ‘Dad dancing.’

Léa will come back onto the show in May after the awards have been given out.
Good luck.

Léa’s website can be found at https://cocorio.co.uk