Weekly Rundown News Stories – Sunday 28th March 2021

Weekly Rundown News Stories – Sunday 28th March 2021 Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News

Covid Passport There have been rumours regarding COVID passports for a while now, but on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally spoke about the idea. There have been no decisions made as of yet, as it will only be possible to introduce such a scheme when all adults have been offered a jab. There will be a further update in April once the vaccination process is further down the line. Johnson also stated there were “difficult issues, moral complexities, ethical problems that need to be addressed”. A passport may also show a negative test result as well as vaccination or immunity status.  

Crazy News

Salmon Sushi What do you do when you want to get something free? Well, a student from Taiwan changed his name in order to get free sushi. It all began when Japanese sushi restaurant chain, Sushiro offered all-you-can-eat meals for those who change their name. This student was one of 130 individuals who changed their identity which has prompted officials to request a halt of name changes in what is classed as “salmon chaos”. All they need to do to claim their free reward is show that their ID card contained the Chinese characters for salmon, which is guiyu. This student’s new name as a rough translation is Explosive Good Looking Salmon. Another woman has admitted that she and two of her friends have done the same but will change their names back afterwards. Officials have begged people to stop changing their name, as it takes up time. Deputy interior minister, Chen Tsung-yen wants the public to “cherish administrative resources”. He says “This kind of name change not only wastes time but causes unnecessary paperwork. I hope everyone can be more rational about it”.  

Happy News

Hagen and Buzz LightyearBuzz Lightyear is always loyal to his owner. Whether it is Andy from the film series or 2 year-old Hagen. He accidentally left the Space Ranger on an airplane during a last-minute trip. Hagen’s parents didn’t expect to see the toy again, but thanks to the groundcrew or Southwest Airlines, Buzz returned to his owner. It all began when Operations agent Beth Buchanan spotted Hagen’s named inscribed on the boot of Buzz, just like in the films. A quick name check on the system found the rightful owner’s parents and the mission was initiated, get Buzz back to Hagen. Beth’s co-worker, Jason Hamm sent an email to the Davises to notify that he is on his way to back to their home but only after creating something special. A box decorated in bright colours, quotes form the films and photos of Buzz at different airport locations was included, as well as a note that said “To Commander Hagen. I am very excited to return to you upon completing my mission. I was able to explore the airport and spaceport in Little Rock, Arkansas while I was away, and I have included photos of my adventure. My journey has taught me a lot but I am so thankful to return to my buddy.” When the toy was back at home, Hamm said that the only thanks he needed was the smile on Hagen.