Weekly Rundown News Stories – Sunday 23rd May 2021

Weekly Rundown News Stories – Sunday 23rd May 2021

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News


On Wednesday during Prime Minister’s Questions, Boris Johnson announced that there is “increasing confidence” that the current vaccines are effective against all variants, including the Indian Variant. He was also thankful for those living in Bolton and Blackburn for turning up and getting vaccinated “in record numbers”. However, whether the variants postpone next month’s further restriction easing, the Prime Minister announced that “nothing conclusive” within the current data to suggest we would “would have to deviate from the roadmap” originally laid out.

Crazy News


A woman gave birth to her baby girl while she was asleep saying that “my daughter delivered herself”. TikTok user Amy Dunbar admitted this in the app and has since received 630,000 views. She explained that after 12 hours hours of labour she was given an epidural which gave her some much-needed sleep and pain relief. Contractions occurred while she was asleep and a nurse then woke her up to move to find the baby. She done that and she was in the bed, without any help from the midwife team. Luckily the baby turned out great, a healthy, sleepy pregnancy.

Happy News


A 39 year-old dad was in a Wetherspoons and felt obliged to buy a 79 year-old a drink. Due to the way the chain operates at the moment due to the social distancing, customers need to order through the phone app, but there are some variations to the rules for examples like this. If you don’t have an app there is table service and they take your order and escort you over to the bar to pay for the order.

However, no-one took notice of him, even after raising his hands and staff just carried on walking past for 15 minutes. That is when Mark Farrier took actions and bought him pints himself. Mark said “I could see him trying to get the attention of the waiter and he just flew past him a few times. We bought him two pints. I just posted to raise awareness and to help people out. A lot of elderly people will be in this position. Most people should be doing that.”

Mark has urged others to keep an eye out for the elderly over the coming weeks as those without smartphones may struggle to use technology in certain pubs and restaurants.