Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 6th March 2022

Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 6th March 2022

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News


Unfortunately, we know of the war that is happening in Ukraine between them and Russia. It is currently everywhere in the news, with Putin looking to claim back land lost from the dissolvement of the Soviet Union. Originally beginning on 24th February in what was classed as a “peacekeeping mission”, Russia have taken arms and began firing at civilian areas and shelling residential areas which can only be described as a “war crime”.

Russian finances including those with power and money have had sanctions from the UK, USA and EU, with many losing billions of pounds due to this, and if there is no end to the battle then further stricter sanctions will come into play.

Hopefully there is an end in sight, sooner rather than later.

Crazy News

(Media Scotland)

A woman has been thrown out the theatre after getting too enthusiastic during the performance. Dot Grant, 52, was watching the Bat Out Of Hell musical and couldn’t resist tapping and singing along. Apparently, the audience wasn’t told to stay silent throughout the production at Edinburgh Playhouse. During the first half of the show, she had a flashlight flashed at her but didn’t know why and during the break spoke to the usher who said that her actions of singing under her mask was a distraction and that there was no singing allowed. As the show was reaching its finale, security was keeping an eye on her, and with 15 minutes left of the performance she was kicked out by eight bouncers as they said she was “at a musical theatre show, not a concert”. Dot wasn’t even allowed to watch it standing from the back!

Happy News


In a recent study, it has been proven that owning a pet may be “protective against cognitive decline”. The study looked at data from 1,369 adults with an average of 65 who had normal cognitive skills at the beginning of the study. A total of 53% who owned pets and 32% who were long-term pet owners (who owned pets for at least five years). Overall, across the six year study, cognitive scores decreased slower for those that own a pet, where the difference was greater among long-term pet owners. On average, long-term pet owners had a cognitive composite score that was 1.2 points higher at six years compared to non-pet owners.