Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 21st November 2021

Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 21st November 2021

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News

On Sunday there was a terror incident outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Al Swealmeen was the passenger in the taxi when his homemade bomb exploded. Driver David Perry was injured in the explosion but has now been discharged from hospital. Since this, an additional four people have been arrested and released and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has increased the alertness to severe.

Crazy News

It has been the sixth anniversary of the text that Lauren received after her first date with a man at a coffee shop. Deciding there wasn’t a connection, when he text her asking for a second date, she told him no and that was when he asked for her to send the money for the coffee, he says “I don’t like wasting money. Prefer to use it on a date with someone else”. What a cheapskate! However, Lauren had the best comeback, texting: “It’s a shame you consider a date to be a waste when it doesn’t end on your terms. How about I donate £3.50 to a charity of your choice to give you a chance to regain some decorum? I can even bump it up to £5 to cover your bus journey too if you’d like?”. Someone commented that she handled it like a Queen, and Lauren sure did!

Happy News

13-year-old Abraham Olagbegi was needing a bone marrow transplant a year ago and has since had his transplant. After having chemotherapy too his condition is improving, as is his heart. As a recipient for Make A Wish, he passed his dream to help others. His wish was to feed the homeless once a month for an entire year. His mum, Miriam wasn’t surprised at his selflessness, as the family had often volunteered in their community handing out hot meals to the homeless. Abraham’s Table runs on the third Thursday of each month with commitment from Mississippi’s Make A Wish alongside local organisations and businesses to ensure that 80 meals are prepared and given to the homeless. Abraham told local news station: “It was always a good thing to do, and that’s what I grew up doing that, so I go back to my roots to do what I was taught to do”.