Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 17th October 2021

Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 17th October 2021

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News

On Monday evening Facebook services went down. Although many people wouldn’t see this as serious news, many small businesses both locally and globally rely on Facebook to sell, advertise, and make money as well as sign into third party tools and sites with Facebook logins. The outage lasted for just under 7 hours, as the tech team scrambled to restore the services. A faulty configuration change to DNS and IP addresses caused the blackout which also affected Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger – all owned by Facebook. After the downtime, Zuckerberg lost approximately $7billion, with shares for the social networking giant down 5%. Many people were thankful, while others felt lost that they couldn’t scroll on their timelines. I think this has made us all realise how much we rely on their services.

Crazy News

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after her pooch seemed to ask her a question while she checked herself out in the mirror. The unnamed woman says that she was “just trying to see if my outfit was cute” when Hugo the white Malamute rocked up, looked at his mum and let out growled which sounded like he asked, “Where are you going”. Watch the video below now and take a listen.


I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute @carlainquarantine 😭❤️ #SHEINcares #VirginMediaSpeedMC #fypシ #malamutes #malamutesoftiktok

♬ original sound – Cheekclapper

Simon Cowell would be impressed!

Happy News

To celebrate National Coming Out Day which began in the United Sates, DC Comics have announced that the next Superman will be bisexual. Jon Kent, who takes on the mantle from his father, Clark, will be featuring in the storyline which is part of “Superman: Son of Kal-El” and is released in November. In an earlier issue, Jon struck up a friendship with Jay Nakamura, and will soon be in a romantic relationship with him. Since then, Jon has fought wildfires caused by climate change, prevented a high school shotting and protested against the deportation of refugees. Tom Taylor, the series writer wondered what Superman should be today. He says “”It struck me that it would be a real missed opportunity if we replaced Clark Kent with another straight white saviour”. Before thinking of making Jon bisexual, DC already had that idea. Great job DC for being LGBTQ inclusive, and not being scared to make brave decisions with one of the world’s most loved superheroes.