Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 17th July 2022

Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 17th July 2022

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News


Due to the extremely hot weather we have been experiencing recently, South East Water are urging people to use water for essential purposes only. The rising heat levels has seen demand hit unprecedented levels.

Speaking outside Bewl Water reservoir in East Sussex, Douglas Whitfield who is the director of operations for the firm says: “What we’re seeing across our area, but particularly in the Kent region as the temperatures are climbing this week, is demand going to very high levels. In some cases, higher than we’ve ever seen before. Really the problem for us this week is being able to physically pump the water into the system fast enough to keep up. My plea is for customers to really think carefully about their water use this week, not to use the hose to water the garden, and use water for essential use only”.

As well as this, the Isle of Sheppey suffered a burst water main which left most of the island without any water but has since been restored.

Crazy News


When travelling on the Underground, it is extremely fast paced. Londoners can get irate if there’s any delay and want to hop on their connections quickly and arrive at their destination as quick as possible. But on Tuesday, it was weird seeing a queue of people at Kings Cross Station. This queue was for a massive fan on platform level as temperatures reached at least 30°C. Usually, if there are any sort of queues anywhere in the station, people would be getting angry, however at the moment a fan is a warm welcome and I expect the queues will keep on coming as the hot weather carries on.

Happy News

(Paula Closier)

A lost dog ended up winning a rosette at a show as  a man who found her on his way to the event entered her in. Five-year-old Bonnie escaped her home in West Sussex last Sunday as John Wilmer found her when taking his two dogs to the show in Felbridge. The beagle-cross came third in the rescue dog class after he posted a message on Facebook when he found her.

Talking of the event, Wilmer says: “She was such a lovely dog, I thought it’d be good to enter her. I was in a bit of a rush to get there when we found Bonnie and put her in the car”.

Owner, Paula Closier says: “We’re so thrilled she’s safe and well and also a winner. You couldn’t make this stuff up. We were frantic as we live right by a main road. Bonnie used to be a street dog and we were so worried she wouldn’t have known to come back”.

Bonnie was rescued by a charity and was taken in by the Closier family four years ago after living on the streets of Crete.