Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 15th August 2021

Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 15th August 2021

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News

Tuesday saw the A-Level Results Day for the 2021 academic year. Because of COVID, for the second year in a row, grades were determined on teacher’s predicted grades as exam’s couldn’t physically be sat. However, this means that the results have reached a record high, with an average 44.8% achieving either A* or A grades compared to last year’s 38.5%. This does have its downfall however, as there will be record numbers applying and hopefully attending university, which unfortunately means that some students may miss out on their first or second choices. Within London, 47.9% of students achieved A* or A grades.

Crazy News

Have you ever seen a Walrus driving a motorboat? No, me neither until now! Wally was spotted in Cork, Ireland in the driver’s seat of a motorboat, and has since “hauled out” on the boat which belongs to Clonakilty Distillery. The sea mammal which is thought to be around four years-old has damaged other boats on his visit to Cork. But a spokesperson for the distillery, Adam Collins that the company has “agreed to allow Wally to use the boat for as long as needs be and not move it until a more permanent solution can be found”. Seal Rescue Ireland have created an appeal for a floating platform for Wally to se to that he can be “effectively monitored, protected from disturbance and damage to property prevented”.

Happy News

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics came to a close last Sunday. Held from Friday 23rd July to Sunday 8th August officially, the event saw Team GB match their medal record from the 2012 Olympics in London. With 22 bronze, 21 silver and 22 gold (65 in total), they were behind Japan, China and the United States. Our most successful sport as swimming, with the likes of Duncan Scott achieving 1 gold and 6 silver medals; Tom Dean with 2 gold medals; and James Guy alongside Adam Peaty holding 2 gold and 2 silver medals. Well done to Team GB!