Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 10th July 2022

Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 10th July 2022

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News

(Mr Standfast/Alamy Live News)

On Monday, demonstrators hit motorways across England, Wales, and Scotland campaigning over the ever-spiralling fuel prices. The main go-slow action targeted three-lane motorways, leaving the fast outside lane free. Twelve people were arrested on the M4 which led the Price of Wales Bridge closed.

Protesters were organised via the Fuel Price Stand Against Tax drove in various convoys at 30mph which caused gridlock on major roads around the isle.

Although locally, there were no demonstrations, the M4 and Prince of Wales Bridge, M5 in Devon, M32 in Gloucestershire, A38 in Devon, M180 in Lincolnshire, A12 in Essex, A92 in Scotland, and A64 near York were hit.

Crazy News

A woman who says she fell in love with and married a ragdoll that her mother made for her, has now apparently had a baby with the ragdoll in question. 37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes told her mum that she was single and wanted someone to dance with which is when Marcelo was created. After falling in love, Moraes fell pregnant and claimed putting 4lbs on during her pregnancy. A wedding was arranged where she tied the knot in front of 250 friends and family and since went on a honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro.

The birth was pain-free and was in labour for just over half an hour at home and Meirivone says: “It was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. He is a man I always wanted in my life. Married life with him is wonderful. He doesn’t fight with me; he doesn’t argue and he just understands me. Marcelo is a great and faithful husband. He is such a man, and all women envy him”.

Happy News

(Lauren Larmon)

Recently, a 6-year-old was on board a flight from New York to South Carolina and lost a tooth while on the plane. Recalling what happened, Lena said: “I was sleeping on the airplane. My mom woke me up, and we were going to go pick our suitcases up. And I said, ‘Mommy, mommy, I think my tooth fell out”. She didn’t expect her tooth to fall out mid-flight and mother, Lauren Larmon, admitted trying to walk back to the airplane but as it was 2am, security was closed. Lena was in tears when she realised, she would never see her tooth again and miss out on a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

However, Captain Josh of United Airlines came in and wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened. On it says: “Dear Tooth Fairy, Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville. Please take this note in place of her tooth. Captain Josh”.