The Little Ship That Helped Save St. Pauls

The Little Ship That Helped Save St. Pauls

Duncan climbed on board the Massey Shaw Fireboat this afternoon, which has been moored at St Katherine Docks for the Classic Boat Festival, part of this year’s Totally Thames.

Massey Shaw Life Belt

The boat was named after Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, first chief fire officer for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and played a crucial part during The Blitz.

David Rogers on Massey Fireboat

David Rogers from The Massey Shaw Trust explained how, since 2008, they  have undertaken a full restoration of the vessel, thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

Massey Shaw Wheel House

There is more information on The Massey Shaw Fireboat on their website.  Totally Thames runs until 30 September.  More details here.

Listen again to our report from St Katharine Docks.