Siberian Blast Hits UK

Siberian Blast Hits UK

Heavy snow is expected across the Maritime Radio area tonight.

Many areas have been already been hit by freezing temperatures, with a wind chill making it feel like -15C in some places.

Rail firms have warned of disruption, with passengers asked to travel as early as possible tonight.

Meanwhile, gritters have been deployed across the borough this evening.

Public Health England have advised homes to be heated to at least 18C.

Emergency shelters have been opened across the country as councils offer extra accommodation to the homeless during the freezing conditions.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is providing extra services and support for residents who may be at risk during the cold weather.

Residents who are over 60, caring for a young or vulnerable person or having problems paying their winter fuel bills could benefit from Stay Warm Stay Safe.

Residents with mental health problems, learning disabilities, physical or sensory impairments are also encouraged to contact Stay Warm Stay Safe.

You should also get in touch with Stay Warm Stay Safe if you have concerns about a friend or neighbour.

Call the Stay Safe Team: 0800 470 4831