Room 101 is now open for business

Room 101 is now open for business

We’ve opened Maritime Radio’s Room 101 and we’re not quite sure what we’ve let ourselves in for.

Kitty unlocked the door to doom this morning.  What’s inside though?  If you think you know, let us know and you could win tickets to see The Inevitable Heartbreak Of Gavin Plimsole at The Greenwich Theatre!  Find out more about the show at here.

Room 101.4 Kitty

Email your guesses to or text 07549 553 951  We’ll put a selection of incorrect guesses here!  Good luck!

Wrong Guesses

Car central locking                        Hole punch                                     A chain moving

Paper stapler                                  Door being locked

Kitchen drawer being closed      Letterbox flap closing

The winner will be announced in Friday’s Breakfast Show.