The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich and the University Hospital Lewisham have ended free parking for doctors, nurses and surgeons parking for work.

They are one of two London hospital trusts to end the waiver of parking fees this week.

Health secretary Matt Hancock,  vowed to cover the costs during the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier this week the Government said the free parking for NHS staff would continue only for “key patient groups and NHS staff in certain circumstances” – without giving any idea of ho long.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, which manages the  hospitals, began charging NHS staff from the beginning of July.

The Trust confirmed the reports in a statement: “Over the last month, the number of patients receiving treatment for Covid in our hospitals has dropped significantly, enabling us to restart other vital health services for patients.

“This means that we are allowing more visitors than previously, and as we only have limited car parking facilities, we have had to take steps to enable patients to park at our hospitals when coming in for treatment.

“Unfortunately, this has meant that we can no longer offer staff free parking, but public transport has resumed a full service.”

At Queen Elizabeth Hospital, parking for an eight-hour shift would cost an NHS worker £6.