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Tom & Matty's Monthly Montage, First Sundays Monthly 12-3pm - A roundup of last month / this month in the local area, along with Sunday afternoon chat, quizzes and general chaos Power Playlist, Saturdays 7-8pm - New releases from across the musical spectrum, plus local gig roundups and music news

Favourite show-opening track:

Dario G - Sunchyme

Three fun or curious facts about me:

1 - The first song I ever played on the radio inadvertently had a swear word in it - but it was on student radio and no-one noticed, phew!

2 - I shared a car with a wild baboon in South Africa after it jumped through the open boot and sat next to me in the passenger seat

3 - I'll happily push any child out the way in a race to get the front seat of the DLR

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