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WEEKEND WIND DOWN - Sundays 8-10 pm - celebrity news, with a quiz to see how well you know your songs and sometimes interviews with actors or singers.  

DAYTIME SHOW: Mondays from 10 am to 1 pm. For the last half hour, we'll have all kinds of music, local travel, local events, a pick of the week, and songs from your favourite decade.

DAYTIME SHOW - Fridays 1-4 pm - all kinds of music, local travel, local events, pick of the week and the 3:00 throwback. Can you listen to songs and tell the year using some of the mentioned clues? 

Show opening track:

Heaven is a place on earth - Belinda Carlisle.

Three fun or curious facts about me:

1 - While presenting at Radio GOSH (Great Ormond St Hospital), Derek spoke to Les Dennis and ex-Chelsea defender Frank LeBeouf

2 - He has appeared in several local shows at the Greenwich Theatre, Lewisham Theatre, Bob Hope Theatre and on Woolwich Barracks parade ground

3 - He wishes there could be a real-life Tardis to go back in time to change some decisions he made

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