Positive Coivd-19 cases at Cleeve Park and Hurst Primary School

Positive Coivd-19 cases at Cleeve Park and Hurst Primary School

Two schools in Bexley have registered positive cases of coronavirus and told pupils to isolate

On Monday Hurst Primary School told parents in a letter that a number of children who came into contact with the individual have been told to stay home for 14 days.

Cleeve Park School, which teaches secondary students, sent a message which was similar home as both schools assured parents they will remain open.

Hurst Primary’s letter home read: “We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the school.”

“We know that you may find this concerning but are continuing to monitor the situation and are working closely with Public Health England.  This letter is to inform you of the current situation and provide advice on how to support your child.

“Please be reassured that for most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness.”

“The small number of children who have been in direct prolonged contact with the confirmed case will have received an individual letter and will be staying at home for 14 days.  The school remains open and your child should continue to attend if they remain well.”

Back in February, pupils from Cleeve Park were put into precautionary coronavirus isolation after they returned from a skiing trip in northern Italy.


photos:- Newsshopper