Parking restrictions for every street in borough

Parking restrictions for every street in borough

The Royal Borough of Greenwich are planning on introducing parking restrictions on “every street” in the borough.

At a recent council meeting, leader of the council,  Anthony Okereke, said the parking plans were made in a “data-led” way and, referring to lack of consultation with residents, that an extra stage of consultation would only “slow down the process”.

Plans will see parking permits and parking fees brought in on streets across the borough where these do not already operate.

The Royal Borough say they are assessing the methods on a “case-by-case basis”.

At the meeting, councillor Pat Greenwell opposed the scheme, saying it could drive people out of town centres and harm the local economy, adding “The success of traffic enforcement schemes can only be achieved if consultation has taken place with the residents to make sure that the right scheme is in the right place.”

Councillor Okereke, said there was “clear public support and demand” for controlled parking zones in his ward.