UK turns Left as Labour Party win landslide victory

Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria outside 10 Downing Street shortly after becoming UK Prime Minister.

Labour Party achieves landslide victory.

The Labour Party under Keir Starmer has secured a landslide victory over the Conservative Party ending 14 years of Tory Party rule in the process. The Conservative Party has fallen to the heaviest defeat in the Party's history beating the tally of 1906 having won only 121 seats overall. The Party was widely predicted to suffer heavy losses in the opinion polls and once the exit poll was released at 10 PM last night, predictions stated that they were likely to win 131 seats. Many Conservative Party politicians including current and ex-cabinet ministers lost their seats, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Liam Fox, Penny Mordaunt, Michelle Donellan, Victoria Prentis, Gillian Keegan, and Mark Harper, among others. Labour also made massive gains in their former heartlands in the Midlands and Northern England, regaining Scotland from the Scottish National Party and becoming the largest party there. The Labour Party ultimately won 412 seats and achieved a landslide victory on par with 1997 when they won 418 seats under Tony Blair. The Liberal Democrats achieved the greatest results in their history and the most seats of any third party in British politics since 1923 when their predecessor the Liberal Party under Herbert Asquith won 157 seats and they made heavy gains into traditional Conservative Party seats in the South of England. The Scottish National Party suffered a poor night similar to the Conservative Party having gone from the biggest Party in Scotland to only 10 seats. Reform UK under Nigel Farage won 4 seats with Farage himself becoming an MP for the eighth attempt ousting the Conservative MP Giles Watling who was defending a majority of over 20,000. 

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