London Marathon 2019: All You Need to Know

London Marathon 2019: All You Need to Know

The Virgin Money London Marathon runs through the Royal Borough on Sunday 29 April 2019.

Some roads will be closed in Royal Greenwich along the marathon route, from as early as 4am, during the morning of Sunday 28 April, with all roads expected to re-open by 3pm.

Road closures

The race route will be closed to vehicles until the times shown below:

Road Anticipated closure time Anticipated opening time
Shooters Hill Road (between Prince Charles Road and Prince of Wales Road) 04:00 13:00
Charlton Way (between Prince Charles Road and Shooters Hill Road) 04:00 13:00
Artillery Place 07:00 13:00
Charlton Park Lane 07:00 13:00
Charlton Park Road 07:00 13:00
Charlton Road 07:00 13:00
Creek Road 07:00 15:00
Grand Depot Road 07:00 13:00
Shooters Hill Road 07:00 13:00
Greenwich Church Street 07:00 15:00
Ha Ha Road 07:00 13:00
Hill Reach 07:00 13:00
John Wilson Street 07:00 13:00
King William Walk 07:00 15:00
Little Heath 07:00 13:00
Old Dover Road 07:00 13:00
Romney Road 07:00 15:00
St John’s Park 07:00 13:00
The Village 07:00 13:00
Trafalgar Road 07:00 15:00
Vanbrugh Park 07:00 13:00
Vanbrugh Terrace 07:00 13:00
Welland Street 07:00 15:00
Woolwich High Street 07:00 13:00
Woolwich Church Street 07:00 14:00
Woolwich Road 07:00 14:00

Local resident parking

Royal Borough residents who live on a road used by the event are being asked to help the organisation of the marathon by parking vehicles off the route either on the evening of Saturday 27 April or before 7am on Sunday 28 April.

Vehicle removals across the whole route will start from 7am on Sunday 28 April.

Crossing points and times

Residents can cross the route at the junctions and times below.

Until around 8.45am

  • Charlton Road / Victoria Way / Marlborough Lane, crossing over Charlton Road (north and south)
  • Shooters Hill Road / Kenya Road / Weyman Road, crossing over Shooters Hill Road (north and south)
  • Ha-Ha Road / Stadium Road / Repository Road, crossing over Ha-Ha Road (north and south)
  • Artillery Place / Repository Road / Frances Street, crossing over Artillery Place (north and south)
  • Woolwich Road / Frances Street / Leda Road, crossing over Woolwich Road (north and south)

Until around 9am

  • Woolwich Road / Anchor and Hope Lane / Charlton Church Lane, crossing over Woolwich Road (north and south)

Until around 9.05am

  • Trafalgar Road / Blackwall Lane / Vanbrugh Hill, crossing over Trafalgar Road (north and south)

Until around 9.15am

  • Creek Road / Norman Road / Norway Street, crossing over Creek Road (north and south)
  • Creek Road / Glaisher Street / Gonson Street, crossing over Creek Road (north and south).

Residents will be guided across the route at the crossing points.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel will be closed to people wanting to go north to south from 10.30am to 12.30pm. People can only enter at Cutty Sark and head north over the river. Outside of these times the foot tunnel will be open, but it will be busy crossing from the south to the north and queues are expected.

Public transport

Southeastern trains will be running additional trains early in the morning to help runners reach the start. There will also be extra trains all throughout the day into central London.

Docklands Light Railway (DLR) trains and stations on the marathon route will be very busy.

Transport for London (TfL) also provides information about road closures and how they will affect motorists and people using public transport.

Visit the TfL website for London Marathon travel information

There’s more information at the London Marathon website.