Illegal parking fines to be increased by Greenwich council

Illegal parking fines to be increased by Greenwich council

People parking their cars illegally has increased in Greenwich in the last few years.

The Council has issued more parking fine than ever before with over 42,000 in the last financial year and has increased enforcement officers since Christmas.  Looking at current events, the council estimate the number of parking fines this financial year will have increased by about 50%.

One of the deterrents the council can use to stop people parking illegally is by increasing the cost of a penalty charge notice.

This would only affect people who choose to park illegally. Illegal parking cuts the number of available and much needed parking space and, in some cases, causes unnecessary congestion or creates dangerous conditions for other road users.

Any money made which is raised  from parking fines can only be spent on funding provision of the service, maintaining roads, transport related schemes etc.

In Greenwich any extra money is currently used as a contribution towards subsidising Freedom Passes allowing older and disabled people to travel for free.

Examples of illegal parking include people parking their vehicles on the footpaths, zig zag markings, double and single yellow lines, or in disabled parking bays without a Blue Badge which is very inconsiderate and illegal as others are put in danger.