Identical twin girls get identical test results

Identical twin girls get identical test results

A pair of identical twins from Bexley have achieved an identical score in their 11+ exams, hopefully paving the way for both of them to join their chosen secondary school.

Identical twins Mia and Polly Pyman both took their 11+ last month, an examination used for primary school students looking to attend a grammar secondary school.

And after a nervous wait last week, the family thought they were seeing double when they opened their test results.

Both Year 6 pupils ended up with exactly the same test score of 228, which is a pass.

Polly’s result was a little bit higher in the maths segment, and Mia did slightly better in verbal reasoning, but the scores averaged out identically.

Delighted with their results, the twins said: “We were surprised we even passed and doubly surprised that we got the same score!

“We do sometimes say and do the same things, which our mum and dad always say is ‘very twinsey’.”

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The scores will come as a welcome relief for the family, with both girls now in a good position to attend one of Bexley’s grammar schools.

The twins live in Belvedere near Nuxley Village with their parents and little brother Benji , and attend Bedonwell Junior School.

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Mum Leah Pyman said they were “very proud parents today”, and that the added bonus was they couldn’t argue over who got the higher score.

“They were so excited and happy when we received the news, they both passed with flying colours.”

Article and photos from Newsshopper.