High above the Thames

High above the Thames

Bob took a trip over the river, literally, crossing by air, using the Emirates Airline cable car across the Thames.

Bob had a gondola to himself, and enjoyed a comfortable ride, as the cable car glided smoothly off, like it was leaving a launch-pad, and ascending skywards.

Boarding the Emirates Airline at the Greenwich Peninsula terminal

On a sunny day, the views are amazing, along the estuary into Essex on the north side and Kent to the south.

90-100 ft pylons link the cable together, which the gondolas pass through.

The ExCeL Arena is the other side of the river, in the Royal Docks.

Pylons link the cable together


A number of commuters use the service, and Bob envied the views they get to see on a daily basis, saying it’s not a long journey, but one with views he’d never get fed up with!

cable-3   cable-4

The cable car cost around £60 million to complete and comprises a 1-kilometre (0.62 mi) gondola line from one end to the other.

The DLR snakes past, below. Looks small when viewed from up high!

There are 36 passenger gondolas, of which 34 are in use at any one time, with a maximum capacity of 10 passengers each.

More information, online.