Gambling numbers increasing despite sports exodus

Gambling numbers increasing despite sports exodus

A Survation poll has revealed that people who gamble regularly online are doing so just as often or more during the Coronavirus lockdown, despite there being nearly no professional sports available for them to bet on.


Popular sports such as football, horse racing and golf are all cancelled until further notice, but that surprisingly hasn’t stopped those who like to gamble online from continuing to use their betting accounts during this period.


Over 1,000 people took part in the survey and although the more casual gamblers said they were gambling less, players who admitted to be more regular gamblers revealed they were gambling just as often, if not more over recent weeks.


The numbers show that a quarter of players who bet at least once per week were maintaining that same frequency, 28% were playing more often than usual and 11% admitted to playing a lot more than they are accustomed to during lockdown.


Just because there is no sport in the United Kingdom at this moment in time does not mean that there are no betting options for customers at some of the biggest bookmakers. In the absence of sport, players are now electing to try their hand at different betting products such as casino games and slot machines.


These are known to carry higher rates of addiction, leading to some concerns at how problem gamblers will be coping during the pandemic. Additionally, 41% of people who completed the survey said they have opened a new online account during lockdown, after which they will be treated to new customer bonuses and perks.


Matt Zarb-Cousin, a former Labour MP who is also a recovering gambling addict, commissioned the survey through Clean Up Gambling, which he formed earlier this month. 


On the current topic of people gambling at home during the Coronavirus lockdown, Zarb-Cousin told The Guardian: “There is mounting evidence that one of the big winners from the coronavirus pandemic will be online gambling companies, which is why the government must make good on its promise to review all of our gambling laws as soon as possible.”


It is still unknown when professional sports will make a return in this country, with the Premier League reportedly targeting a return to action in the middle of June.

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