Eric Knowles tells us What It’s Worth

Eric Knowles tells us What It’s Worth

TV antiques expert Eric Knowles was at Blackheath Halls this weekend, inspecting family heirlooms from around the area and giving valuations.

Eric has been the face of the nations favourite antiques show for 20 years.  He is both a performing expert and an expert performer with his in-depth knowledge of antiques and flair for explaining and sharing this knowledge.

He told Maritime Radio how he started his career.

In ‘What it’s Worth’, the lad from Lancashire uncovers a business in which he has been immersed for over 30 years. The first part of the event is given over to anecdotal reminiscences, followed by on-stage discussions of your own heirlooms. The chosen objects will be projected using a camera onto a big screen on stage.

Eric has been in our area before, when BBC Antiques Roadshow came to Queen’s House in Greenwich.  He told Maritime Radio’s Robert Gray about his time on the show.