Controversial Changes To The 53 Bus

Controversial Changes To The 53 Bus

Transport for London confirmed huge cuts to vital commuter services last week despite campaigns against its proposals last year.

Matthew Pennycook, MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, spearheaded a petition against City Hall proposals to chop the 53 bus.

TfL announced last week that the bus will have part of its route axed, running from Plumstead to County Hall instead of Whitehall.

Despite widespread criticism that the cuts will hit low-paid workers travelling from the outskirts of the capital into central, TfL have also pressed ahead with reducing the frequency of the 53.

Mr Pennycook’s petition was backed by nearly 2,000 people wanting the 53 to go “all the way”, with the MP saying online last week he was “extremely disappointed”.

Since the announcement last week, Transport for London have confirmed that the changes to the 53 will be “continuously reviewed”.