Weekly News Rundown Stories – Sunday 25th February 2024

Each week, Ben Hopkinson looks back at a serious, crazy, and happy news story from the past week.

Serious News

The government has offered guidance to schools up and down the country regarding use of mobile phones.

The move is part of a plan to “minimise disruption and improve behaviour in classrooms”, as many schools already have a policy on banning mobile phones during the day.

The guidance comes as almost three years have passed since the government first called for a ban on mobile phones.

Education Secretary Gillan Keegan says that the guidance is there for “consistency to reset the social norm that there is no place for mobile phones in our schools all the way through the school day” – some schools allow the use of mobiles during break times, while others have a ban on the premises as a whole.

Crazy News

When you head in the attic, you expect to find old things of sorts, maybe covered in dust.

However, in one attic within Scunthorpe a rare Jimi Hendrix autograph has been found.

The find that is worth thousands of pounds was discovered by John Hicks, as he flicked through his late wife’s autograph book.

Shirley, aged 15 at the time, went to a concert in Lincoln more than 50 years ago in 1967, and added it to her collection.

The autograph went for auction on Friday 23rd February, and we do not know the exact value – however it is expected to make “comfortably into four figures”.

Happy News

The oldest worker in Britain has no plans on retiring at 96 years of age.

Bill Parton is still working five days a week at the sawmill business he created himself more than 40 years ago.

Parton, who is also a great grandad, began working aged 14 in 1942 as a plumber’s apprentice and says: “You’ve got to keep your mind moving. The trick is to not stop. You can’t sit back, you’ve got to keep doing something”.

Most of his work across his 40 hour work week is in the office, but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty on the factory floor.

He has only missed six days of work, but has never missed a week’s work at all.


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