Cheese Before Bed?

You’ve probably been told all your life that 'cheese gives you nightmares' or that it will at least give you some bizarre and vivid dreams.

Well, there is some truth in it and research has found that if you want to get a good sleep, there are some cheeses you should be avoiding!

  • Cheddar cheese tended to produce dreams about celebrities, including sitting in a pub with Katie Price and playing football with Paul Gascoigne. Cast members from popular soaps like Coronation Street and Emmerdale also made appearances in cheddar-induced dreams.
  • Red Leicester caused nostalgic dreams often related to childhood.
  • Lancashire cheese produced dreams about work, which could arguably be termed a nightmare for some people.
  • Stilton cheese produced the most vivid, unusual and downright strange dreams. These included talking soft toys, lifts that move sideways, and soldiers fighting each other with kittens instead of guns. Not nightmares, but certainly very off-the-wall! Perhaps a great choice if you work in a creative environment and require some story fuel?
  • Of all the cheeses eaten, Cheshire cheese led to the most peaceful night’s sleep without any dreams at all. So, if no interruptions or crazy visuals during your sleep is key, this is the cheese for you.

Now, what about a glass of something to go with it?  Maybe that's for another post!


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