Black History Month Celebration

Black History Month Celebration

There has been a new search for a new Black History 365 Community Advisory Panel which is currently available. Greenwich Borough are looking for people who currently live, work, or study within the borough to be part of a new panel that will help commission the council’s brand-new BH365 programme.

Local councillor Abel Khaireh, who is also cabinet minister for Equality, Culture, and Communities stated:

 “We are listening to our communities, and ensuring that our residents feel heard. That’s why this year, we’re recruiting four local people to be part of our Community Advisory Panel, to collaborate with us to co-commission the Black History 365 programme.

“This is an exciting opportunity for anyone with a passion for arts and culture in Royal Greenwich to help us continue a first-class programme of activity celebrating Black history and culture, 365 days a year, that is truly representative of our borough.

“I look forward to seeing some of the submissions and to working with the BH365 panel members to develop the 2023/24 programme over the summer.”

The BH365 (2023) Community Advisory Panel will meet in August to assess applications against published criteria and select projects who will run their events and activities from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024.

Overall, written summaries should be no more than 250 words and can be either in a Word document or directly in an email. Alternatively, we will also accept short videos or voice notes, of no longer than two minutes.

Successful panel member applicants will be contacted shortly after the 7 July closing date and invited to attend a BH365 panel meeting at Woolwich, between 14 and 25 August, to review applications against published criteria and propose recommendations for the 2023 programme.