Bees Swarm at Eltham Park

Bees Swarm at Eltham Park

Greenwich council is asking people to be careful when around Queenscroft Park due to a large swarm of bees.

The park, in Eltham, is being visited by hundreds of bees.

Swarming is when a new colony is formed after the Queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees.

In the process of swarming, the original colony reproduces to two and sometimes more. Scout bees will then go and find suitable cavities for the new colonies and report back.

This is all due to the warmer weather, so it is worth keeping an eye out even in your gardens, as the council tell us it is possible that residents might notice there are more bees than usual.

Greenwich council would like to warn dog walkers and anyone else visiting the park to keep a good distance from the bees whilst they call out a local beekeeper.